2021 Kitchen Trends to Consider for Your Remodel

It should come as no surprise that 2020 changed the way we look at our living spaces. With more of us working remotely, the home remodeling industry saw a huge boom, especially in the early summer months.

Though things have changed since the early days of the pandemic, many of our new ideas about what we want from our homes are here to stay. For the kitchen, in particular, many of us are looking for added space and functionality as well as custom changes that let us make the most of our cooking area.

If you’re looking for 2021 kitchen trends to help you transform the heart of your home, we’ve got you covered. From handle-less kitchen cabinets to the latest color trends, let’s take a look at some of the most desirable renovation ideas available today.

Open-Concept Designs

If there’s one thing we’ve all wanted more of during the pandemic, it’s interior space. While upping the square footage of your home can be a major project, there’s one easy way to get more space in your kitchen: an open-concept design.

Removing barriers between the kitchen and other areas of the house, especially the den or living room, makes it easier for you to make your food prep into more of a communal activity. Whether you want to supervise the kids or chat with friends on the living room sofas, open-concept designs are going to be a major kitchen remodeling trend in 2021.

Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets have been growing in popularity in recent years. The simplicity of their design and the ease of use have put them on many homeowners’ renovation wish lists.

However, with the new focus on hygiene and hand-washing, touchless faucets are in higher demand than ever. With motion-control, voice-activated, and touch-tap options available, there are plenty of ways to increase the functionality of your kitchen faucet.

Warm Tones

America has long had a love affair with all-white kitchens and cool metallic tones, but warmer hues are making a comeback in a major way. Just look at PPG’s colors of the year: warm shades of brown and beige have squeezed their way into the lineup, in contrast to last year’s moody blue.

Whether you want to opt for a complete paint job, an accent wall, or simple pops of color, warm tones are the current fashion to look out for.

Handle-less design

The modern, minimalist look doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. With it comes a new contemporary design: a handle-less kitchen.

Depending on the kitchen, this may mean receded handles for a sleek façade, or it might mean push-open cupboards or drawers. Both wall and base cabinets can fit well with this simplistic trend, especially if you want to showcase an unusual cabinet color or well-made design.

Kitchen Pantries

Sure, it’s hard to argue that the kitchen pantry has been around for centuries. However, they’re back on the wish lists of many homeowners as must-have items during a kitchen renovation, and for a simple reason: added storage.

A kitchen pantry allows you to store all of your food products in a single place and out of sight, which can free up wall space if you prefer to avoid an overwhelming amount of kitchen cabinets. This, in turn, can give your kitchen itself a more relaxed feel—less like a storage or working space, and more like a living area.

Additional pantry storage also does double duty for those of us with the pandemic still on our minds: because it gives homeowners the ability to stock up on foods, it means a little more security an insecure time. Even better, it also provides out-of-sight storage space for all of the tools and appliances many of us bought during the pandemic, from bread makers to Instant Pots to air fryers!

Statement Backsplashes

An often overlooked element of the room, the humble backsplash offers a great opportunity to add something extra to your kitchen design.

While many past kitchen designs opted for complementary styles and neutral colors, today’s homeowners are jumping on the chance to add a statement piece to their space. From gorgeous mosaic tiles to a stunning wood tile upgrade, your renovation can add a pop of fun to your cooking area.

Larger Islands and Double Islands

It’s hard to imagine the average kitchen footprint shrinking anytime soon. On the contrary, most of us are looking for more ways to broaden the scope of our kitchens, adding much-needed prep space and areas to spread out across the counter.

That’s where the kitchen island comes in. One of the biggest kitchen trends of 2021 is simple: bigger and even double islands!

Kitchen islands offer more space to get comfortable during work-from-home days or at-home learning. It also means more kitchen seating, allowing for easier entertaining and household gatherings within your designated dining area. Don’t forget about the added chance to add more cabinet storage as well!

Pendant Lighting

Lighting fixtures often take a back seat when most of us consider remodeling a kitchen, but the 2021 trend is clear: pendant lighting is in.

These fixtures are immensely practical, offering spot-lighting for both food prep as well as work or studies done at the counter. But beyond their practicality, they’re also beautiful ways to add a bit of drama to the area.

Quartz and Marble Countertops

For next-level style and luxury, there’s no escaping the fact that quartz and marble offer it all.

While you might consider it more of a bathroom-friendly option, 2021 promises to be the year of strong-veined marble. This material is both durable and sustainable, and its popularity has made it a good investment in terms of long-term trends.

Quartz is not far behind. This antimicrobial material is easy to maintain and very hardy. In addition, while you might associate quartz with a lack of variety, modern options come in elaborate designs that can even mimic the appearance of other materials like natural stone.

Outdoor Connections

The pandemic lockdowns encouraged homeowners to find new and better ways to bring the great outdoors inside. Many of us turned to nature in a bid to both find safe gathering spaces and to prioritize mental health and wellbeing.

In 2021, that preoccupation is clear in the way many designs tend to have larger, more spacious windows. Many homeowners are also adding extra entry points to connect the kitchen to outside living areas and patios.

Renovations like these are a great way to bring in more natural light, creating an open and eco-friendly atmosphere. They can also allow you to throw open your windows to welcome a breath of fresh air, and connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Organic Style

Along with warmer, earthier paint colors, there’s a new kitchen aesthetic growing in popularity. Many kitchen renovations are prioritizing an organic, natural look over past trends.

This comes out in a variety of ways. One budding style is the inclusion of natural wood.

Wooden cabinets, for example, are poised to be in high demand in 2021 and beyond. Natural wood cabinets can lend a beautiful, organic look to your kitchen design. Better still, because wood comes in a huge range of colors, from deep walnut to muted white ash, it’s easy to pair this look with the existing design of your kitchen remodel.

In addition, flooring that gives off the appearance of wood continues to be a big trend. This includes hardwood flooring—a classic in kitchen design—as well as dupes that give off the same appearance, like ceramic tiles that look like hardwood.

Pair these trends with warm colors, natural textures, and brushed finishes for a stunning nature-inspired look.

Make the Most of These 2021 Kitchen Trends

These 2021 kitchen trends are poised to reign supreme this year, so if you’re looking for the latest evolution in home design, these are the things to incorporate into your kitchen remodeling plans! With more functionality, added storage, and gorgeous cooking spaces, the ideas above can help you balance practicality with the newest trends on the scene.

If you’re ready to create a kitchen that’s perfectly tailored to the needs of your home and family, the team at Cyrus Construction is here to help. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a few small trends into your kitchen or renovate the space entirely, we have the expertise to make it happen. To learn how we can help you bring your vision to life, book an appointment today!