June 28, 2020

Kitchen Remodeling Atmosphere

Assess Your Needs: Kitchen Remodeling Atmosphere

Which of the following best describes the kitchen of your dream?

  • Purely functional
  • Family-friendly
  • Open Concept and airy
  • Formal and Casual
  • A private retreat
  • A personal design statements

Tips For Eco -Friendly Kitchen

Creating an eco- friendly kitchen is as simple as being about the materials you buy and when possible, recycling, and repurposing items from all over the home.

  1. Clear the air 

Use the paint that is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) are gases, some of which can be toxic, which are spread from products such as wall paint, paint stripper, cleaning supplies, and some building materials.

2. Pop the cork

Natural flooring such as wood, cork, or linoleum doesn’t contain the toxin found in many manufactured materials. Cork is roughly the same price as wood, but it’s a sustainable material.

       3. Gold star

Use energy-efficient appliances throughout the kitchen. Devices with an energy star label have met strict energy – efficiently guidelines.

     4. Water saver

To conserve water, use a water-saving faucet with a flow rate of around 2.2 gallons/ min.

     5. New hardware

       Scrapping out old hardware for new gives a kitchen

       a new fresh, modern look. Instead of junking the old device, save it for future use elsewhere.

     6. Breath easy

        Potted plants act as natural air filters by absorbing

       Carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the kitchen.

      7. Put on a new face and modern cabinets

         When remodeling a kitchen, rearrange and refinish or paint cabinets.

    8. Room for All

        The size and shape of this old restaurant sink make it ideal if the home kitchen activity center. It provides enough workspace for multiple members of the family to prepare and clean – up simultaneously.

    9. Clear view

       Salvaged glass forms the center panels in the cabinet doors. It can also add style to new projects because wavy antique glass adds an heirloom quality to just- made cabinets.

   10. Solid work

         An old junkyard- bound dining table can be stripped off into multiple layers of paint and replaced its broken tabletop with one made from old wood and turn into a creative, elegant outcome.

    11. Block Formation

          A one of a kind utensil holder is which made from vintage corner block stores everyday wooden spoon.

       12. Clear start

            An antique doll cabinet serves as a spice rack. To retain both charm and value, don’t strip the piece of its original finish; instead, apply a non- toxic wood cleaner, then air dry. Round up a variety of shapely jars to store herbs and spices.

        13. On- display

              A plain bookcase is transformed into a wall -mount china cabinet when an antique artwork frame is attached as a fanciful pediment.

         14. Double vision

               Create a storage center by pushing together two bookcases and printing them the same color to create a one- of -a kind hutch.

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