Top Kitchen Cabinet Accessories for 2021

What do you think about a kitchen renovation? Or, are you already in the process of designing your dream kitchen? Besides the backsplash, appliances, and flooring, you will probably spend a large part of your budget on the right kitchen cabinets.

After all, cabinetry can make or break the look of your kitchen. But besides their aesthetic appeal, cabinets have to be versatile. Whether you prefer a highly organized kitchen or like the open shelving concept, cabinets matter.

So, what else should you consider when it comes to choosing and outfitting kitchen cabinets? Kitchen cabinet accessories!

These accessories can help organize your cabinets and create more storage than you ever imagined. Read on to discover the top accessories and tips you need to know about.  

Pull-Out Shelves 

Standard shelving can be hard to organize. And if you’re tight on space, or low on height, it can be difficult to see what you actually have in stock. How many times have you shuffled jars or spices around on a packed shelf?

Pull-out shelves help organize cabinets or pantries with ease. Instead of stacking canisters or ingredients far back into a set shelf, a pull-out shelf on a track or wheels allows you to easily see what you have on hand and move items around. This can make cooking and your next trip to the grocery store less stressful.

But you don’t have to use pull-out shelves just for pantry staples. Here are some examples where a sliding mechanism comes in handy: 

  • Blenders 
  • Espresso or coffee machines 
  • Toasters 
  • Frozen drink makers 
  • Slow cookers 
  • Vases, players, and other heavy dishware 

Pull-out shelves can help hide away cumbersome or heavy kitchen supplies that may be difficult to lift. Just remember to secure loose cords and slowly pull out the drawer to safely access your items! 

Drawer Storage

Do you have an embarrassingly full “junk drawer?” Do you find your knives dull because they bang or scratch other cutlery – shuffling around your drawers? End that disorganization cycle now!

Drawer storage is an essential kitchen cabinet organization method. Drawer dividers can help keep cutlery in place and organized. And special organizers for silverware, heirloom cutlery, or valuable kitchen knives keep these special items protected.  

Hide the Garbage   

Garbage cans can be unsightly. Not only are plastic or metal cans unattractive, but the smell isn’t especially welcoming. If you have the budget to take on a kitchen renovation, don’t skimp on installing a garbage cabinet solution. Having the garbage tucked away helps keep your kitchen looking fresh, clean, and organized.

Garbage cabinet solutions speak to the high-end quality of a luxury kitchen. Depending on your disposal needs, you can install the garbage on a pull-out track that looks like a drawer. Or, you may opt for a larger storage solution that has a taller cabinet drawer like a pantry or closet. 

Store Your Spices 

If you love to cook at home, then chances are you have quite the collection of spices. But do you struggle to find cumin when you need it most? That’s because your spice storage solutions are not efficiently using your kitchen space.

While you have dinner prepping on the stove, don’t waste time shuffling for spices. Or, at the supermarket, don’t buy a duplicate spice because you weren’t able the find the original bottle in your drawer or cabinet. To properly store your spices, think about organization and display methods.

Storage That Works for You 

For example, a sliding cabinet drawer with a thin guard rail can store spices in an upright position. Or, you can create a special cabinet organizer that individually holds each spice. This ensures no bottle breakage, spillage, or overcrowding.  

And when choosing which cabinet or drawer to dedicate to your spices, consider strategic placement according to where you cook. For example, a sliding spice drawer beneath the stove could be especially efficient. Or a baking spice cabinet next to your mixer or other appliances would work best.   

Organize Trays 

Do you have a collection of baking trays? Or perhaps, do you have large charcuterie boards or serving pieces that are too clumsy to fit in a traditionally sized cabinet? Consider the often neglected cabinet spaces like above the refrigerator or underneath the kitchen island to store these pieces.

But, don’t just put these items away and forget about them! Use kitchen cabinet accessories like dividers and organizers to maximize space. For example, tall kitchen dividers can help to stack baking trays and allow you to easily access them when needed.

Vertical storage can also help you see what you have on hand. So when you’re neighbor asks to borrow that baking sheet or muffin tin, you can see and grab the item in an instant. 

Corner Storage

Corner storage is a great design solution for L-shaped kitchens. But, the back area where the cabinets or walls meet can often become dead space. If you have a corner cabinet or storage solutions, you need the right kitchen accessories.

For example, a lazy Susan is a perfect device to place inside these corner cabinets. Instead of having to bend down or lower to your knees and search the back cabinet for items, a lazy Susan does the work! Simply spin, grab, and go.

Like pull-out drawers, lazy Susan corner storage can be especially efficient for heavy or unwieldy items like appliances or large dishes. Here are some examples of items to store in a corner cabinet: 

  • Glass baking dishes 
  • Pan loaves or trays 
  • Measuring cups 
  • Plastic containers 
  • Baskets or storage solutions 
  • Paper products like napkins, paper towels, or cleaning cloths 
  • Everyday condiments like honey, salt, pepper 
  • Coffee canisters and coffee mugs 

Depending on the size and quantity of your items, you may be able to fit more items on a lazy Susan than you would have on a traditional flat shelf or cabinet. This helps to maximize kitchen storage while easily accessing everyday items. 

Storage With Height in Mind 

When designing your kitchen remodel, an experienced company like Cyrus Construction can offer clever design tips and ideas you may have never considered.

Kitchen cabinetry and storage solutions should be designed with your needs in mind. For example, do you have tall appliances like blenders or coffee machines that you want to store in drawers or cabinets?

Have you considered the height of your pantry shelf to accommodate food items, bottles, and more? Choosing kitchen cabinet accessories must account for fit and height. 

Fold-Out Desk 

For many homeowners, the kitchen is one of the most important and central rooms. Whether you work remotely from the table or the kids complete homework assignments at the kitchen island, these spaces need to accommodate more than meal prep and dinner time. So, shouldn’t your kitchen cabinets provide the solutions you need?

To make your kitchen more work-friendly and support extra seating, consider a fold-out desk. This is the ultimate kitchen cabinet accessory because the desk can be built to your specifications and easily tuck away when not in use. If you have a small kitchen or want to maximize space, this is the perfect solution that makes an impact.

Electronics Station 

Cell phones and unsightly cords tend to get lost among kitchen chaos. Keep the family’s electronic devices charged and organized with a dedicated electronics station. You can customize a drawer or cabinet to include built-in charging docks, outlets, cord storage, and much more.

This organization tray is the perfect kitchen cabinet accessory because it highlights the “out of sight out of mind” design mentality. Don’t worry about spilling coffee on your phone or losing a cord. Your dedicated electronics station can keep these valuables safely stored and protected. 

Create Your Own Coffee Bar 

Have you dreamed of having a fancy coffee machine or barista-quality latte every morning? While that isn’t included in the typical kitchen renovation, the right cabinet accessories can help create your very own at-home coffee bar

For example, a 2-door floor-length cabinet can store your coffee-making appliances on the upper shelf. While lower pull-out drawers can store coffee granules, capsules, sugar, mugs, and much more.

Or, create lower cabinet storage for pull-out coffee drawers. You can also dedicate a corner space and lazy Susan to all things caffeine.

These Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Can Improve Your Storage and Design Plan  

When renovating your kitchen, don’t only consider cabinets as an aesthetic feature. While the look of your kitchen cabinets is important, you also must think about storage. Kitchen cabinet accessories are the best way to organize your space and get the most storage possible.

When choosing these accessories, consider what storage items you need to account for. Think about how you or your family utilize your kitchen space and get creative with storage solutions.

Do you need help deciding which cabinet accessory is best for your home? Are you interested in redesigning your kitchen?

Or perhaps, do you have other home renovation plans? Contact Cyrus Construction to receive a quote and get started on your dream space! 

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