What You Need to Know About Adding Space to an Existing Home: A Guide

If you need more space at home, you’ve come to the right place. With everything going on in the world, the demand for homes is higher than ever. For many homeowners, adding space to their existing home makes more financial sense than trying to move and buy a new home in this hectic market.

Whether you’re looking to add a family room, a larger kitchen, or even an entire upstairs addition, we have you covered. From making plans to the different types of additions, we’ll go over everything you need to know about home additions.

Home Addition Plans

Every home renovation should start with a plan. This is where you’ll want to start thinking about what’s most important to you during this renovation. Maybe you’re looking to add a bathroom or maybe you need more storage space.

Start your addition project with a list you’d like to accomplish. Write out your must-haves to discuss with your architect and contractors. This will also help you determine your budget. The budget for your addition will vary depending on the scope of your add-on.

Before you start your addition project, give some thought to how you’ll pay for your addition. Some homeowners prefer to use financing while others will pay in cash. We’ll also discuss different phases of the project and how best to achieve your goals.

We can work with your budget to help you choose products and styles that can stretch your dollar. We’ll work with you on small additions up to larger complete home renovations.

Choosing Your Home Addition Contractors

A home addition isn’t something you likely can do yourself. A home addition requires permits, proper zoning, and a licensed architect and contractor. We’re a full-service home remodeling company that can take care of your addition from permit to completion. In addition to framing the addition, you also need a contractor who can take care of plumbing, electricity, flooring, and finishes.

Doing this yourself or with individual contractors can take a lot of time. Not only are you coordinating each professional but you’re also in charge of all the decisions. Hiring us means we’re a one-stop shop. Life is busy and hectic as it is. There’s no need to add a project manager to your resume.

Let us take care of all the details big and small. Before you begin your addition project, we can meet to go over your home addition ideas and what you’d like done. From there we can go over our process and work with an architect to make your vision come to life.

We can work with your budget to give you a variety of additional options. Whether you’re looking to add on an additional bedroom or make an existing room bigger, we can help make it happen.

Adding Space to a Kitchen

There’s a reason they call the kitchen the heart of your home. The kitchen sees a lot of action on a daily basis. If your kitchen isn’t working for you, we can help.

kitchen addition can improve the layout of your kitchen in addition to the style. We’ll help you create a larger kitchen with more storage and counter space. Your addition can give you more room to prep, cook, and entertain family and friends.

Creating a Family Room

A family room is a great addition to any home. Whether you have small children or teenagers, everyone can use a little more room to spread out. These days, the family room isn’t just a place to watch television.

Our homes have become our offices, classrooms, theaters, and home gyms. Let us give you the extra family room space you need. We can help add an addition that gives your family the space they need to learn, hang with friends, work, and make memories as a family.

Adding an Upstairs

One of the most common ways to add an addition to your home is by adding an upstairs. An upstairs addition can almost double your square footage. You can create a master bedroom and plenty of rooms for family or guests.

Not only does adding on another floor give you more space, but it also boosts your resale value. Adding on an upstairs also makes your main level more functional. If you were using your first floor for everyone’s bedrooms, you now have those freed up for office space and a spare bedroom, for example.

Added Storage Space with a Garage and Mudroom Addition

If you’re in need of more storage space, a garage or mudroom addition could be just what you need. We can help you create more room for cars, toys, tools, lawnmowers, and more. We can add an additional garage or re-work an existing area to create a mudroom.

A mudroom is a must for busy families. These spaces are great for storing backpacks, muddy boots, and sports equipment. Without a mudroom, this stuff tends to pile up by the front door.

At home, there’s almost never enough storage. Let us help you with a home addition project that gives you and your family the storage space you need.

Get Your Addition Project Started Today

Adding space to your home is always a great investment. With a busy family, there’s never enough room for storage, entertaining, and spending time together. An addition can help add more space in a kitchen or family room or even add more bathrooms and bedrooms.

If you’re ready to get your addition project started, fill out the contact form here. We’re ready to help make your home-addition ideas come to life.