November 24, 2017

Installing a Bidget

Should I install a bidet in my home? The short answer: yes.

What is Bidget?

No, not a French beret hat- a bidet. Although not commonly found in the United States, bidets are often an essential staple to bathrooms in many parts of the world. Simply put, a bidet’s primary function is to clean your private areas with a steady stream of water. You can adjust your choice of temperature as well. Its origin is from the 17th century in France. It first started as a small porcelain bowl with water to clean up after use. Today it has been completely modernized. Now your bidget can come with dials that control the temperature and the strength of the water stream. Fancy, huh?

Think about if you got fecal matter on your hand. Would you wipe it off with a paper towel and go on? We hope not. Just as you would wash your hands thoroughly to kill all bacteria, the same sanitary standard should apply to all body parts.

Bidets are growing in large numbers around the D.C. area. Many of our clients in Northern Virginia & Maryland are adding them to their personal master bathrooms and guest bathrooms as they renovate. Bidets can be easily installed to existing toilet plumbing lines. By working with our team at Cyrus Construction, we can redesign and remodel your bathroom around a new budget fitting in less than 2 weeks.

Installing a Bidget | Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling & General Contractor - Cyrus Construction

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